$12.99 CAD

Lead Generation Ads that Convert!

This 30 minute session will show you from within Ads Manager how to set up effective lead generation campaigns.

We will be setting up a full funnel lead generation campaign including two audience sets and two campaigns including:

1.) Lead Magnet Lead Ads 

2.) Book a Consult Lead Ads

They are set up in a way that uses one budget to maximize results!

Dive in! 

What People Are Saying:

I never really thought I could run my own ads, and always believed I needed to throw lots of money at Facebook to see some ROI. What I have learned, however, is that it is not about the budget, it is about how it is used to achieve results. Take this program – it is well worth the $

L.P. - Lawyer

Facebook Ads have given me a headache for years. I always attempt to run ads, then lose my patience. I took this course, and it provided me with so much insight into how this all works – and the most important part is having Business Manager and Ads Manager set up for success. The campaigns need to be set up in a particular way as well.

W.I. - Mortgage Broker

I have tried over and over again to launch ads, and have been so frustrated at times. My ads have been rejected for no apparent reason. I now understand – THE FUNNEL. Take this course. You won’t be disappointed!

M.S. - Real Estate Agent